My slave I will train to stinky snoopers! For a few days I did not wash my feet and always wore the same pumps. Today it is so far, my slave may appear for appointment. I look elegant. With satin blouse, silk scarf and tight leather skirt. He still does not suspect what awaits him today. I put my legs on his body and take off a shoe. Since my cheese base odors already fill the room. Oh, even my shoes smell very extreme! He should smell in my shoe. Then I press my sweaty feet on his nose. So I play around with his cock. And look there: he gets horny very fast! This meeting today is just a training meeting. I want to keep my slave horny, he must not cum. But there it happens! He squirts! A lot of white thick cum squirts from his cock hole! That’s not what I imagined! As punishment, he must continue to smell my extreme cheese feet! With nice close-ups!
Meinen Sklaven werde ich zum Stinkefuß Schnüffler ausbilden! Einige Tage habe ich meine Füße nicht gewaschen und immer gleichen Pumps getragen. Heute ist es so weit, mein Sklave darf zum Termin erscheinen. Elegant sehe ich aus. Mit Satin Bluse, Seidentuch und engem Lederrock. Noch ahnt er nicht was ihn heute erwartet. Ich lege meine Beine auf seinem Körper ab und ziehe einen Schuh aus. Da füllen meine Käsefuß Gerüche schon den Raum. Oh, sogar meine Schuhe riechen inzwischen ganz extrem! Er soll in meinen Schuh riechen. Danach presse ich meine Schweissfüße auf seine Nase. So spiele ich an seinem Schwanz herum. Und da schau an: Er wird sehr schnell geil! Dieses Treffen heute ist nur ein Trainings Treffen. Ich möchte meinen Sklaven geil halten, er darf nicht abspritzen. Doch da pasiert es! Er spritzt ab! Viel weisses dickes Sperma spritzt aus seinem Schwanzloch! So hab ich mir das nicht vorgestellt! Zur Strafe muss er weiter an meinen extremen Käsefüßen riechen! Mit schönen Nahaufnahmen!

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Cleo has had a long day at work she just wants to lie down and take a nap. Cleo kicks off her sneakers and socks letting her perfect pantyhose soles air out. Cleo has just fallen asleep when she notices something. Her brother is at the foot of her bed smelling her nylon clad feet. Cleo is naturally is furious but then thinks of an idea. Cleo cannot believe his cock is raging at the site of her stinky sweaty feet. Cleo gets all the men at her job to give her what she wants with her perfect breast so why not do the same with her pantyhose feet. Cleo first wraps her stinky socked soles around his cock then beings to negotiate. Cleo sets the terms that if she allows him to cum from her feet he will have to give her all of his allowance from here on out. Cleo’s brother has no choice but to agree Cleo already has his super hard cock in between her soles. Cleo makes him shoot his load and giggles at her new found funds.

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Naomi loves getting her socks nice and stinky. Naomi will wear them for days before she changes them. Naomi has gotten these stocks nice and sweaty and stinky and has decided to stroke your cock with them. Naomi is a master at footjobs and makes you cum from them whether you want to or not.

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Jason is lying on the floor in front of the couch and his hands and feet are tied up. He has some tape on his mouth and couldn’t speak. Naomi comes in, sits down on the couch at his stomach and removes her shoes. Immediately she puts her left foot on his face and grabs his nose between her big and her second toe.
NAOMI: “Take deep breaths! I want to hear you sniff in loud!”
Jason sniffs several times loud through her toes until he moans a little bit, because of the smell.
Reagan comes in, removes her shoes and steps on his chest. Naomi removes her foot from his nose and Reagan puts her left foot directly on his nose and gets his nose between her big and second toe.
REAGAN: “Do you like that? Now inhale my scent!”
Jason sniffs loud and hard again for a while. Both girls laugh and Reagan switches to her right foot and force him to smell between her toes again for a while.
Then she gets off his chest and pulls his underpants down, so that he lies completely naked on the floor in front of the couch.
REAGAN: “Look at this poor litte worm! Hahaha!”
Then she sits down on the couch on the left side of Naomi (girls view, not camera view) at his lap. She places her right foot on his stomach and her left foot on his upper leg.
Noami puts her toes back on his nose and force him again to sniff loud through them. His penis starts to get hard and both girls laugh at him.
NAOMI: “You stupid jerk, what’s that? You like sniffing sweaty feet?”
REAGAN: “How about sweaty, sticky toes on your cock?”
Reagan slowly rubs the head of his penis with the toes of her right foot, until it gets really hard. Then she grabs his penis at the bottom between the big and the second toe of her right foot and puts his hard penis with her foot in an upright position.
During that Naomi changes between left and right foot and continues to force him to sniff in her toejam.
NAOMI: “I can’t hear you breathing! Sniff loud and inhale my delicious footsmell!”
Jason sniffs in loud. Reagan stills has his penis in an upright position with her right foot and puts the toes of her left foot on the top of the head of Jason’s penis and rubs them softly and slowly on it for a while.
REAGAN: “Let’s find out, how hard he really is! Hahaha…”
Reagan presses the toes of her left foot down on the head of his penis so that it spreads her toes and slides in between her big and second toe. Then she moves her left foot slowly up and down on his penis to give him an ultra-intensive toejob. She prefers to rub the head of his penis.
REAGAN: “How about that, footboy? I got your cock captured between my sticky toes!”
Jason still sniffs loud between Naomi’s toes and begins to moan.
After a while Reagan removes her left foot from Jason’s penis, but still holds it upright with the toes of her right foot. Naomi turns to his lap and puts the toes of her left foot on the head of his penis. She rubs them slowly on it and then she puts the head of his penis between her big and second toe. She slowly moves her foot up and down for a while.
After a while Reagan removes her foot from his penis and stands up. Naomi puts his penis with her right foot in an upright position and continues to slide his penis slowly up and down between the big and the second toe of her left foot.
NAOMI: “I gonna rub all of my smelly toejam on your cock, so that it finally smells like my feet! Hahaha!”
Reagan steps on Jason’s chest and puts his nose again between her toes to make him sniff. After a while Naomi changes from left to right foot and continues to rub his penis between the toes of her right foot, while holding his penis upright with the toes of her left foot.
Reagan rubs her toes in several ways around/over his nose, so that he has no other chance, than to breathe in her foot smell. Her preferred position is his nose between her big and second toe. Then Reagan removes the tape from Jason’s mouth.
REAGAN: “Don’t speak, or I’ll put the tape back on. Just stick your tongue far out!”
During that Naomi still rubs his penis slowly between her toes.
Jason sticks his tongue out, as far as he can and Reagan slides her right foot from heel to toes down his tongue. Then she slides his tongue between her toes.
REAGAN: “Come on boy, clean my sweaty feet with your tongue!”
Jason slowly slides his tongue up an down between every toe of her foot. Then Reagan changes to her left foot and force him to lick between the toes of her left foot again.
Naomi stands up and sits down on the couch at Jason’s head. She puts her right foot on his nose and force him to smell, while he still licks between Reagans toes. Both girls enjoy the situation.
After a while Reagan gets off his chest and moves down to his legs facing Jason’s head. She stands with her right foot beside his legs (between Jason an the couch) and puts her left foot on his penis. She presses the penis head down on his stomach with her toes and beginns to rub his penis with her toes on his stomach softly and slowly.
During that Naomi puts her left foot on his mouth and force him to lick between her toes, while she still has her right foot on his nose.
NAOMI: “Hey, don’t forget to sniff and lick off all of my sweaty toejam!”
Jason sniffs loud and slides his tongue slowly between her toes.
Then after a while, Naomi stands up, puts the tape back on Jason’s mouth and steps on his chest. She puts the toes of her left foot on his nose.
During that, Reagan starts to rub his penis head faster and harder with the toes of her foot.
REAGAN: “Let’s see, if I can make this looser cum, while he inhales your stinky scent! Hahaha!”
NAOMI: “You are just a weird guy! Can you cum for my smelly feet?”
Reagan rubs his penis with her toes until he cums and Naomi still has the toes of her left foot on his nose and force him to smell.
NAOMI: ” Don’t enjoy this, just sniff loud!”
Jason moans and sniffs hard, when he cums. Both girls laugh at him.
REAGAN: “What a looser!”
NAOMI: “What a waste of time!”
Both girls stand up and leave. END.

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Maia, Sasha and Sasha husband have come home from a late night of partying. Sasha immediately kicks off her heels and passes however Maia is in for some devious fun. Maia sees her brother and law starring at her heel dangling off her pantyhose clad foot. Maia signals to her bother in law to keep quiet as she shoves her foot onto his crotch. Maia rubs her brother in laws crotch with her foot and feels his cock get rock hard. Sasha’s husband tries to resist but Maia’s foot deep in his crotch is to much to bare. Maia quietly moves to her ground with Sasha’s husband and puts her cock around her brother in laws cock. Maia knows how to use her feet and completely controls her brother in laws cock with her nylon soles. Maia strokes her brother in laws cock with expert technique. Maia has never given a footjob before but she loves sticking it to her sister and knows how stroke a cock. Maia forces her brother in law to shoot a huge load all over her nylon feet while her sister is completely unaware. Maia then shows her cum drenched soles to her brother in law while her sister is fast asleep.

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Sadie and Macy elegantly dressed wearing black sheer pantyhose or stockings They have one of their coworkers who is a tantra/zen meditation and is observing a period of self-imposed chastity. They what to have fun teasing him and making him cum And they know he loves pantyhosed feet. He has his hands tied and his mouth taped and is dressed with only very adherent underwear They start teasing him with their hands, feet, toes and toenails moving them from above is underwear. After this they remove his underwear.When he is full excited they remove his underwear and start giving him a double pantyhosed footjob/handjob. They move their hands and feet on his dick very very slowly, edging and teasing him a lot. After a lot of slow tease and double pantyhosed hj/fj the guy is out of resistence and while 1 of the girls is moving the toes of 1 of her foot on his dick and the other girl is handjobbing him, rubbing her thumb finger on his upper dick part, he finally cum against his will.

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Macy Cartel had a wild new years eve. In fact so wild she had sex with one of her co workers in the office and her boss has found out. Macy’s boss has a strict office relations policy and lets Macy know she will have to be terminated. Macy needs this job and begins to seductively plead to keep it. Macy slouches in her chair as her boss continues to tell her she is going to fire her. Macy slips her heel of and gently glides her foot to her boss’s ankle. Macy slowly moves her foot from his ankle toward his crotch. As Macy’s boss beings to tell her this is in appropriate she shoves her foot onto his crotch which makes him stutter and lose his train of thought. Macy rubs her boss crotch and asks to keep her job again. Macy’s boss tries to say no but but cant help but get closer and closer before he does. Macy’s boss cannot take it anymore and agrees to allow Macy to keep her job as he cums his pants.

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After catching their roomie sniffing their gym socks, Jae Lynn ties him up and tapes his mouth. She’s had enough of his pervy ways. She calls in her roomie Luna and tells her what he’s been up to. The brats set upon him, taking off their sneakers which have been worn with no socks and start forcing him to sniff the toejam from between the toes. They notice his dick is hard and then they come up with a great way to humiliate him once and for all! By making him cum in his pants whilst sniffing their feet!! The brats laugh as he moans and tries to escape but he has no where to go as they plant their sweaty soles right on his face while rubbing his cock through his pants with their other foot.


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It’s Naked Fridays in the Office at J.E.R.K. Corp. The lovely Valentina is going over the TPS Reports…and, as usual…they are not good. Men are really stupid. However….Valentina comes across one TPS Report that is absolutely perfect!! She calls the lowly male into Her Office, and congratulates him on his outstanding TPS Report. Valentina also tells him that She is going to give him an amazing reward! His reward is….being Whacked-Off….with Valentina’s foot in his face!!!! What a treat indeed! Valentina administers the cherished Beat-Off…and then tells him to get back to the Loading Dock.

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