You love Me, don’t you?
“Yes, Goddess”
I want you to focus on nothing but My feet. Nothing else exists. I’m going to brain wash you to only be able to cum to feet. No matter how hard you try, you will not have an orgasm without feet.
Did I tell you to put that shoe down?
“No, Goddess”
I want you to worship the inner arch and feel the curves wrapping around your face and body. I see your head move wherever My shoes go, as if your eyes are attached to My feet with an invisible chain.
I describe the dangling, and why it’s so unbelievably sexy. I make you understand – and demonstrate – what makes several things sexy.
Smell My feet through My stockings. Inhale as I cover your face with My soles and press against your nose.
I’ve let you out of chastity, after weeks of having your cock locked up, only to train you to cum to feet. So you’d better cum to My feet, or you’ll have to wait another 4 weeks to try to orgasm again.
Smell My feet as I pose and writhe, completely and viciously aware of the way I look. The way I move. The way I feel to you against your body. I can’t stop obsessing over how good I look – My image is intoxicating to even Myself.
This is perverted luxury.
I want you to smell only Me.
My thigh-high black stockings reach all the way up My legs, and they are sheer enough that you can see My toes inside them. Even the pedicure color is clearly visible. My lingerie is expensive and the perfect blend of delightfully cute and classically erotic. My blond hair cascades along My shoulders and neck, curled and perfect.
you are never going to be allowed to cum without My feet. you will never be out of chastity unless it’s to try to cum.
I’m going to rewire your sexuality.
I have already planted the seed: The orgasm I give you, while I stuff My stockinged feet into your nose and face as you take deep, heavy inhales – it blows your fucking mind. It starts the wheels turning in your head and the connections forming throughout your body.
you’ve never realized how much you love the smell of My feet, and the proof is in the pudding, isn’t it? I make you cum, from a deep place of primal sexuality and psychological roots. I make your body give itself over to Me.
you’re Mine now, boy.


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Foxy is a young studentess renting her apartment in the city center. the apartment owner is a real pain in the ass for her, cause he is so nitpicking demanding for payments each month. At the same time Foxy has got problem in the last 3 months, economic problems. Anyway Foxy has got an ace in the pack. The man is probably a great feet fetishist. She discovers this detail few months ago, when she planned what’s going to happen to the man…
Foxy miss to pay 3 months of rent. The host finally lost is patience and comes into the apartment with his pair of keys. He’s demanding for his rents. Foxy asks him only few hours, he’s better he’ll come in the evening. When he comes again, Foxy is playing with her shoes, dangling on the tip of her toes. Foxy has got ULTRA SEXY FEET. They are perfectly shaped, highly arched, right dimensioned, well proportioned, with soft soles, prehensile toes. He just looks at her like he’s mesmerised. Then Foxy masturbates his dick, while she is doing her business at the cellphone. The man now cannot help but shut up his mouth. With this feet, with this touch, Foxy is the ruler, he is just an dummy in her power. The girl ignores him, but from time to time she looks down her feet and starts sexy winking at him, passing her tongue on her lips, looking him with lustful eyes… she changes techniques, using her toes, her soles. She often turn around, showing the man her perfect ass in tight jeans, while she still jerks him showing even her bare soles. The man is blowing his mind from his dick. When he is ready to cum, Foxy completes her revenge. She stops her feet, ruining his orgasm. When he drops his first huge cumshot, she starts jerking, then stops, the starts again. The man cannot have a full satisfying cumshot, even thou now he considers the month rents payed. Foxy is gonna be his feet queen. He’ll be a footjob beggar in the near future, Foxy will use that for her personal profit for sure !!

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Gina is steeling some important documents from her rival lawyer studio. She pretends to be a secretary working in the studio and early reaches the Chief’s office. She believes she is alone… but on her back, watching at her, there is a security guard. He intimates Gina to identify herself with the identity office card. Off course Gina doesn’t have anything of that. She tries to argue, telling him she forgets it at home… but he is immovable in his request. Then Gina tries to use her sexual arguments: she is gonna do a strip tease, to resolve the matter. The security guard, strangely accept.
We are going to find Gina, naked on the sofa. But she is rope tied, hands and feet. The guards pulls out his dick, getting closer to Gina’s barefeet. Gina doesn’t know what to expect… He starts rubbing his dickhead on her bare soles, getting exited for that. Then he brutalise her feet, fucking them in various positions. He takes advantage on the situation, using her feet to satisfy his pervert cravings. Finally he splatter them with warm cum, on her soles and toes. This super cute high arched feet are now deflowered.

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Silvia is gonna teach her girl slave a new lesson in control men. She shows her how to give pleasure to a man, using feet, then how to maintain the power on him. She jerks dick for 8 long minutes, without pauses or stops, using her prehensile toes, then her soles. Silvia has got the perfect feet and the perfect magic touch to make you rock hard as long as she wants. She teases him with her moans and sexy face expressions, keeping him on the edge all the time. Finally, Silvia is gonna deny his, as your orgasm. Maybe next time. Maybe you’re gonna pay to have your personal continuous… or… you’re gonna do whatever she wants !!!

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A FETISH DREAM. Your girlfriend Foxy is awaiting for you in the kitchen. She isn’t in the kitchen for cook, but she is on the table, sexy dressed. She has got miniskirt, fishnets, red heels!!! She has got a gift for you: her cute feet for fuck. You never had the courage and opportunity to confess her your fetish actually. You don’t know why and how she is making one of your fantasy comes true, but it seems so real, seeing her sexy and hot, ready for fuck… for a feet fuck.
She makes you drop off your pants, pull out your dick. You rips apart her fishnets, to touch her nude soft soles and pretty small feet. they are so cute. They are soft. They are perfect. She drops massage oil on your dick then she allows you to touch her soles, while you masturbates. Your dick is growing. Now she is taking fun with your dick, teasing it slowly, with the tips of her toes, with her arches, with her soles. She is teasing you to make your mind blows for her and her perfect feet. She needs an hard fuck between her arches and soles… she is preparing you to break the rule and take them with force. You’re becoming crazy. She is teasing and denying you, biting her lips, passing her tongue on her lips, smiling at you. You loves her smile while she has got your dick between her feet. You can’t resist and you takes her feet and starts to fuck them wild.
Now she stands up and bends over, showing you her perfect ass and her baresoles. You cannot help but take her feet again, pushing fast it between her oiled heaven soles. You keep fucking then she lyes on floor, to make you fuck them from behind, while you have her PERFECT soles in front of your eyes!!! You keep fucking them, then you ask her to turn around to cum right on her soles. You masturbates your dick while she is making feel you her soft soles on your balls, then she stimulates balls and G-spot with her big toe between your butt cheeks. You cannot stand it anymore and explodeson her soles, while she keeps smiling at you.

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The slave get permission to cum, after 30 days of being in chastity but, I want to make him cum, with My gorgeous feet! I tied him on the bed, with his legs and hands spread it and I begin My ,,game,, ! I want to drive him crazy , make him edge many time before he cum …and I rub his cock with My arched feet … If you are a foot-boy, this clips is a must, but, I want you to watch it on kneeling position and edge for Me as much as possible …good boy!

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Do you like when I tease you? When I touch your dick with my feet? Are they cold? Girlfriend feet are always cold. Don’t worry, they’ll warm up. You may not be into it yet, but within a minute I make your cock hard with my pretty, perfect feet. There’s no way you can say no to me. No matter what games I want to play with you. Feel your cock throb and thicken as I stroke it with every part of my feet, from toe to sole to heel. Watch my red pedicure squeeze the pre-cum out of you. I want your dick begging me, aching for my feet, completely converted to worship. Now it’s all you want. Now you crave it. My feet are so beautiful, they actually make your penis look better. Every position, every pose, everything designed to implant a kinky new fetish into your mind.

Cock Tease, Foot Fetish, Foot Teasing, Footjob, Highly Arched Feet, Tease & Denial, Tease and Denial, The Pose, Toejob, Wrinkled Soles

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I had a day off from work today, so I phoned my friend and we went shopping together. We spent many hours walking around the stores, and then we went to the movie theater. When I finally got back home in the evening and took off my shoes, the intoxicating aroma of my sweat-soaked nylons instantly filled whole room. It turned me on and I wanted to feel hot cum on my feet, so I called my fucktoy and ordered him to come over immediately. He was very happy when I told him that I will let him cum on my feet and within minutes he was at my door with a big pulsing bulge in his pants ready to explode. I immediately laid him down on the bed, took off his pants and started sucking his cock to lube it up for a footjob. When his cock was nice and ready, I grabbed it between my feet and started milking him. I milked him fast and hard in several positions and he showered my stinky nyloned feet with lots of hot gooey cum! 😉

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I woke up very horny this morning. I wanted to feel to feel warm cum on my feet really badly, so I called my fucktoy and invited him to come over. When he arrived, I immediately layed him on the couch, took off his pants and started pouring oil all over my soft young feet. The view made my fucktoy extremely horny and his cock got rock hard within seconds. I quickly grabbed his pulsating cock with my oiled feet and began to give him a footjob in every position I could imagine. With every position I changed he moaned louder and louder, while doing his best to not cum too early. It was a bit too difficult for him, and after a few minutes his hard cock came with a massive warm load right onto my soles. I love the feeling of warm cum on my feet! 😉

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I got a new pedicure today! When my fucktoy saw my freshly pedicured pink toes he got extremely horny and started begging me to give him a footjob. He was lucky, because I wanted to feel fresh hot cum on my feet and could not say no! I quickly laid him down on the bed, took off his pants and started sucking his cock with a passion to lube it up for a footjob. Once it was rock hard and ready I wrapped my soft feet around it and began to give him a footjob. I milked him in several positions and it didn’t take me long to make him cum all over my soft pedicured feet! 😉

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