I know, you couldn’t wait for other ,, make me BI ,, lesson my darling! I know…you are a good devoted man to me, to your GODDESS and you want to learn to be the best cock sucker ever!
And I have something very special for you today! Believe me…when you see…what do I have for you today…you’ll get horny as a hell. The same way this alpha male making my pussy fucking wet…will make you so hungry for his body and his huge cock! And all I want you to do…get naughty honey! I will lead you what to do!
Look at him…he is like a Greece DAVID!!! That muscular body….and the giant in his underwear…and he is all OUR!!!
Now…come here…don’t be shy…I know…you still need to be forced a bit to touch his beautiful body and feel how his cock grows in your hand! But I think you are so sexy…when you do what I say!!!
Come here…closer…closer…YES. Now rub your hands all over his body…feel those muscles!!! Feel his hard body and now….give me your hand…right in…I want you to feel his big cock! Now stroke him…make him rock hard! GOOD BOY!!!
On your knees and open your mouth…I want you take him and please him with your mouth! Suck on his rock hard cock!!! Blow him…deeper and deeper…I want you to feel his cock deep in your throat! I’m here with you and ready to help you to be the greatest male slut!
And here it comes…the last…the biggest step! Time to swallow! Lick his delicious seed! Do it!!! Do it for your GODDESS!!! And I know…you want it…you want to eat that warm…tasty cum!!!

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Come to mommy son…come….don’t be afraid! Today mommy want to pleasure you a bit different way…play with you a new game my boy! I know, you love your mommy so, so much and you are pleasuring me so many ways and I want to do something for you and only for you! Something naughty what you like but we didn’t try until now my baby boy!
Do you like mommy’s feet? Mmmmm……look how mmmy tease you with them…come closer…sit close to me my son! Now mammy will tell you what to do..and you…as my good boy will do everything mommy just say! All right….now take my feet my son….softly and massage them , yes…Mmmm it feel so good…you are so talented…for everything mommy ever wanted! Good boy….lay on the bed! …I said lay on the bed….do what mommy says!…..You see…you like how mommy treats you……your cock is again so hard…..Time for mommy to play!!! With my feet….and your cock! Mommy will give you a best foot job you ever could get!!! Just relax my boy and watch what mommy is doing to you!!! Feel my feet all over your hard cock!!! Ohhh…is so big!!! Mommy make the feet nice oily….only pleasure you! Today I don’t want that you keep your explosion!!! Cum for mommy !!! Cum with mommy’s feet!!!…..That’s my good boy!!! Mommy love you so much!!! And…..mommy has many, many dirty games for you my baby boy!!!

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You love when the GODDESS like me smokes. You watching my face, my beautiful eyes and my full lips, how my mouth breathe it the white, milky smoke and how I blow it out. Slowly…tease you with the cigarette smoke! How I blow out the thick cigarette smoke and play with it for you. That’s what always but always turns you on!
Well baby…I have something even sexier for you today! Super hot smoky blowjob! I light up my cigarette…make a huge milky smoke…tease you…make you nice hard…and then I take this huge hard cock inside my mouth. Blow the smoke all over the cock. Make him feel how warm the cigarette smoke coming out of my mouth is. Kissing the hardness with my lips and let the smoke come right out of them. Blow really deep inside me…feeling the smoke burn in my lungs…then take the cock deep, deep inside my mouth and blow him in the very same time like blowing out the smoke! AMAZING!!!
I love it so much and I just can thing of one thing why didn’t I always smoking my delicious cigarette when blowing the big cock?!
I know, you will love this super sexy, hot and intense smoking blowjob. Yes…you can’t find woman more beautiful, sensual like me smoking and sucking the dick.

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Kathia is the real slut! You as her boss never realize that, well she is your secretary for a while….and of course….she is very attractive for you. But as her boss, you never wanted to use your position! And specially when you know she has a husband! But his trip will change everything! During you getting ready for the meeting…your secretary help you to prepare all the material you’ll need…..you feel so stressed!!! Well she can help you with that….she knows how to make the man relaxing!!! …just lay on the bad…and let your secretary take care of you….and your cock!!! She really knows what to do….so good….her hands are all over your cock…..you don’t even remember when you felt last time this kind of pleasure!!! Ohh….she is really good at it!!! That is a best handjob you ever got so far!!!….The phone is ringing…..what the hell?!!! Is Kathia’s husband…she look at you…very provocative…but she pick up the phone….but…with the free hand she still keep jerking your big, swollen cock……Ohh god….you never told….but as she talking so kindly with her husband…and during with that slut, hungry eyes look at you…that turns you on like hell!!! When she hang up the phone…your cock is rock hard….and she continue to jerking you with the incredible passion!!! She control your orgasm….when she let you cum?!!! It is all in her hands!!! You can wait to explode!!!

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Finally my darling something ONLY and only for you! We both are crazy for the cotton panty. Big cotton panty on my perfect big butt. But there is something more, your deep fetish for the cotton panty. You love to feel them all over your cock. Of course right after when I’m wearing them.
Well baby today…now…I do have extra panty just for you. The one you were love so much in my ,, PANTY PARADE ,,.
YES!!! My white, big, cotton CK panty. But first then I let you feel them on your cock, I want to tease you and pushing them to you. Make you so exited…make you so fucking hard for me and our cotton panty handjob.
Ready babe…silly question…I see you are pointing right on my cotton panty . Good…first I tease your cock with the panty and then…sure, cover it all by my panty. And start to stroking your cock with my big CK panty. Wow…I see you really are it to this…your precum is all over my panty…I can see your juice…and …yeah love it!!!
I’ll make you cum so hard darling with my worn panty!!! Take this pleasure a bit longer…I love to make you crazy like that! Oh…yeah…now baby…cum…cum inside my panty. Make them messy with your seed!!! Lovely!!! I just adore giving you this special panty HAND JOB!!!

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Darling you are so busy lately. Just working, running after the money! I can understand, the Halloween is coming then the Christmas and New year, and you want your family to have nice time.
But what about you? Don’t you deserve to have some nice time for your self? Just YOUR TIME with your devoted inamorata! Yes baby…you do!
I think now is the perfect time for you…and the man like you deserve to be spoiled!
I called my girlfriend…I know all about your fantasies, you remember?! And now, we just want you to relax…now is all about you…and your beautiful cock!
You just love to be spoiled…with sensual cock massage…making you nice hard…me and my girlfriend, four hands…just pleasuring your cock. play the way you couldn’t even imagine before you find me!
Stroking your cock, play with your balls, massage your swollen dick. Just relax and enjoy that feeling of four hands all over your cock! Mmmm….you love when the two beautiful woman kissing right,…you having it all. Best hand job of your life, two goddesses just worshiping your cock and deep kissing. That’s make you so fucking horny…you are on the edge of your pleasure darling!
Don’t…don’t keep your cum any longer…we want you to cum…to splash out your warm seed!!!
Yes…amazing my darling!!! I’ll spoil you and your cock every single time!

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Your father’s family is coming over for weekend…you are not really happy about that, as you wanted to be this weekend with your mom alone…and had a very different plans then to cleaning the house with her! But promise promise!
Well, it sucks already! You slept over and you mom already did most of the staff alone. So you can’t be surprise, she is a bit nettle. But hell with that! Look at her. How she does that, even during the cleaning she is so fucking sexy. No, no…stop…no kinky fantasies!
At least what you can do is hold the ladder for her, as she is asking for this favor. You are the man in the house, there is nothing you’ll not do for her.
Fuck…you really try to hold it and keep her safe, but is it more difficult then you thought. From this angel you have amazing view at mommy’s perfect ass, on her fat pussy covered in satin panties! It’s like torture! Keep it together, keep it together…to late…you are rock hard already and you are not able to concentrate, even to hold the fucking ladder. And in that moment your mom realize you pushing your head between her legs! Bad timing?!
Your mom starts to argue with you, how that even possible, you are already so rock hard…unbelievable. So you try to come out with the good lie, but with hard cock, is quite difficult. Your phone, your phone is in your pocket, that’s what it is!!! Not your cock! But your mother knows, you are very bad liar! She just take down your pants…and…voila! Your hard cock is just pointing straight on her!
But your mother reacting completely different, then what you expect! And coming up with the perfect solution for both of you! As you always getting what you want…you got that from your mother…she offer you the perv deal! She will help you with your big, hard trouble and for exchange…you’ll finish the house cleaning for her.
Of course you jump on her offer! You just want mommy to make you cum, to suck your cock and eat your seed. You love when she does that! This day will not be so bad at all. Staring with amazing mommy’s blow job! She take softly your cock kissing him with her full lips just before she take him deep inside her mouth. And then just blow you and play with her tongue all over your cock! Only MOM making you feel this way!

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You never, never tough, you will get the best HANDJOB of your life this afternoon in the sperm clinic.
You are in the best shape now, best form ever and talking to your buddies, you decide, here is the time for giving your best swimmers. To save your sperm, who knows…better thinking of the back gate.
You got the name and phone number from your friend. So you tough, you’ll give a try.
In the first second, you enter into the waiting room, you got shocked! The nurse, the nurse in the reception looks just like in your dreams! Hell…in that very moment, you start to grow in your pants area! And you realize, that couldn’t be a regular clinic!
And you had so right! They offer you the classic jerk off room, with all the porn and everything…but…here is the second option. If you would prefer the nurse’s ,, give you a hand ,, think…you can do it!!! It will coast you an extra, but so successful man like you could afford that.
The nurse..she is so HOT, SEXY…really like in your fantasies! You always imagine the nurse, who will take care of you. will look just like her! You can missed that opportunity!
She let you get comfortable and here it comes the biggest surprise of the day!!! Not just she is fucking hot, but she knows how to tease and play with the cock!!! So sensual massage…you can feel her hands all over your cock! She push the right place, she stroke in the right temp….fuck…she plays with your hard cock and enjoying this play!
You will not have problem to cum at all…no, no, no…you have just the opposite problem! The way how she massage your swollen glans…the way she use her fingers and palms to take care of every single area on your rock hard dick…is just amazing! You never felt like this before!!! This Hand job is like being in heaven! You wish it never ends, the pressure in your cock but the pleasure in the same time…so sensual massage!!! And there it comes, a lot of PRE-CUM…you are really so fucking exiting…and she just looks at you and play with your pre-cum…she knows, her hand job is fucking amazing!!! Then your sexy nurse continue the best moves, the best cock massage…the best Hand job you ever had!!! Until…until…she feels you are ready…ready to cum!!! Your cock pumps and you feel the orgasm…the pleasure all over your body! And this is your happy ending for today!!!

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You know it…always! You can’t really satisfied your wife…your dirty little slut wife! There is something she adores and you can’t give her! BIG, HUGE , MONSTER COCK!!!
But you are so addicted to her, you love her …you just let her do anything she wants!!! And what she wants is…big dick deep inside her mouth!!! And making you watching it…making you a cuckold husband!
You couldn’t believe when she take is hard, rock hard cock from her lover pants! It was so big…so swollen…something you never had and never will! You feel jealous! Not just of his dick, of his huge size but…fuck…he will take your wife right front of you! But you couldn’T stop to watch! You need to see how your wife sucking on that cock! Giving him a nice hard blow job, with amazing deep throat! You din’t know, she is so hungry for big dicks…sucking him like a whore!!!
You see the absolute satisfaction in her eyes, the pleasure witch his monster cock giving her!!! And then you realize…it’s your pleasure too! You feel your cock pump to seeing your wife sucking him so hungry!!! And you want more and more!!! You become to be a deep cuckold!!!
And then happened something, you would never expect! Your wife…her slutty mouth make this bull cum inside her mouth…drooling his seed and come close to you…yes…she wants you to taste his cum! So be a real cuckold and eat his delicious seed right from your wife mouth!!!


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I had to wait for you my baby boy!!! Your birthday is today!!! I couldn’t miss to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know, you have some crazy friends this afternoon but mommy has something very, very special! And believe me my son…the present witch mommy has for you…YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!! So my son….on this paper mommy writes you the address…be there exactly 8PM…your best B-day present will wait there for you!!!
My son…you’re 18 years old today!!! I’m sure if your father was here, he would take you to some strip club!…But….mommy could do better then that!!! Mommy brings strip bar to you my son!…Yes, you know that mommy was taking dancing lessons my baby!!! Well just watch what mommy can do for you!
Mommy will give you the best lap dance ever! Do you like it my son?…Mommy’s butt….let me push that big….mommy’s butt to you…closer….closer to your face! Tell me…do you like what you see my son?!…Mmmm…..Well now..tell me something my baby!!! I know you were trying to snip in to the bar where mommy works? And it was 3 times….and all 3 nights your mommy was working! So…? You wanted to see mommy stripping my baby?!
Well…mommy is doing it now for you…only for you!!!! Come to me my son…come closer!!! I see how your pants getting full…so…grown!!!…Give it to mammy…she will take care of you!!!…Happy birthday my baby…..mommy take your swollen cock in her mouth..mmm…taste better then I told!!! Is so beautiful…..you grown in very…very big young man!!! Now my son….cum all over mommy’s tits!!!…..Let me clean your cock and taste the last drops of your milk…mmmm…so sweet!!!!…..Well…mommy still get it!!!! Mommy is your slut for today my son!!! Happy Birthday my baby!!!

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