You know, I’m always…but always here for you! Always waiting to pleased you my darling! You never met the woman like me! So sexy, so beautiful…so full of passion…so lusty and so hungry for you every single time! I know…you have to hide this dirty secret from your family, from your wife…but you are not able to give me up…YOUR SECRET INAMORATA!
You need me…only I can give you the pleasure, you never told you will be able to receive! And I’m not waiting nothing back from you!!! I’m ONLY WOMAN IN THE WORLD!!! And I’m yours!!! I just want to worship you and your beautiful cock!!!
Now darling, I put on just white pantyhose…no panties…no foreplay! I just want to take you and feel you in my mouth! Just the way you love it…it is your pleasure time! Little tease before…but only because you want to see and touch my beautiful pussy…my flower…my wet treasure…but then…when you are nice hard already…it will be all about you my love! I take your swollen dick and start to lick all over…lower…lower…lower until your balls! Taking your hard cock in my mouth and blow you the way, you’ll feel like in heaven! Circling with my tongue…sucking you and keeping your lust on the edge! Play and make you crazy with my sensual blow job…with balls sucking…teasing and worshiping all your amazing cock!!! And when you are on the top…on the top of your pleasure and you just want to spurt your warm cum…to give me your sperm…I just know, how to make today experience even more kinky!!! CUM DARLING…CUM ALL OVER MY SLUTTY FACE!!!

Category: ORAL SEX

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You can never have enough of me!!! i’m the only woman on the world witch such a special, dreamy and sensual HANDJOBS skills!
Every time you come to me…you feel the pleasure you never felt before! I always making you feel like in heaven, with the special oil massage, cock tease, cock pressuring, your balls play and making all in once…you can’t even describe the feeling…how amazing my hands all over your cock are!!!
And this time baby…I want you to see…how perfect I’m. I’ll grown…thanks to you into the HANDJOB QUEEN!!! My special techniques will made every man crazy. You know all my secret movements…both hands circle, teasing swollen cock with one hand and pushing and teasing the balls with other one!!! My secret to worship all over the hard cock and don’t let him even one second without attention!!!
Enjoy the best Handjob pleasure with the HUGE SEED SPLASH ALL OVER ME!!!

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An other Valentine day with your wife. You were always enjoying this day, as your wife is super hot and always but always surprise you with something sexy. So you just can’t wait to come back home and be part of her ,, love ,, surprise.
Wow…she look super sexy tonight and is all for you. All to make you happy…you would think! Just listen her and get ready for the best night of your life!
,,Darling, I was thinking what would you love to do tonight, on our special night?! You know I love to feel you in me and we did pretty kinky staff already…but…let’s spice it up!!! This Valentine will be about you and your deepest fantasy. Do you know what I mean??? NO???
Well, let me put it this way. I know you’ve been always fantasies about your wife…getting slutty. You dream to seeing me with the other man! And I’m so, so hungry for do it!!! But I want you to be completely involved! I want to tease both of you, making you nice hard and play with the cock…both cock are only for your wife!!! To lick and suck the balls…to take the big dicks deep in…switching between you two…and never, even for one second have a empty mouth. Making you watching how much I enjoy his cock…how your wife blow his swollen cock…with so passion…and seeing you..getting all juicy and take your cock and lick and swallow all your precum juice!
Feeling two big cocks in my hands and feeling the pump…making you both crazy with my mouth. And when you can’t take any more…make you cum one by one…first in my mouth to taste his warm seed and swallow it. And then you….play with your sperm…tasting you and eat you up!!!
WHAT??? How we will find now other man with big cock I can enjoy??? Darling…your horny wife already take care of everything! And because this is our first time experimenting with CUCKOLD…I choose the one man I was always dreamed of baby!!! Your best friend!!! Let’s paly now…making me the slutty wife and you my cuckold hubbie!!!


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I’m so glad baby you shared with me your secret…your fetish…your love for rubber gloves!!! And you know…i’m yours and only yours to make you happy…to make you crazy…to make you satisfied…to please you!!!
And this morning…right when you wake up…I have this amazing surprise for you! I bought super soft rubber gloves for you and your beautiful cock! And I couldn’t wait when you wake up and I can make your fantasy come true!!!
You just relax…I will take nice care of you…make you rock hard with rubber glove tease and then…ohhh yeah baby…I know, you want to feel the gloves!!!
Nice oily hand job …making you feel the rubber gloves all over your swollen cock!!! Gosh….you are like a rock!!! Only I can make you feel this way…my special cock worship and the rubber gloves witch you love so much!!! And I’ll not stop to stroke and play with your cock until…until you cum all over my rubber gloves darling!!!


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You got unpleasant surprise this morning. Right when you come to your office, you got the note, your boss wants to speak with you and URGENTLY. Normal she is new so early in. Oh dear…will you loose your job? But you like it so much…working for the erotic magazine. Seeing every day the hotties, all nude…it’s your dream job!!! will not let that happen. You fight for your job!
You were wrong…the situation is even worst! In your boss office, you just find out…she knows your little dirty secret!!! Sh knows you might be BI-SEXUAL!!! But you were to weak to ever find out!!!
And now…if you want to keep your job…you don’t need to fight for it…you must SUCK for it! That bitch!!! Your boss wants to see you with the man…right now, right here in her office! And she did choose the BIG DICK for you to servitude!!!
She force you to suck his big dick…to stroke that stiff cock!!! Keep working on his big cock and look at your boss! She wants to see, you really love the cocks!!! She makes you to take that huge cock as deep as you can!!! And the cherry on the top of the cake for your boss?!!! Make his warm, huge load dropped in to your mouth. Makes you eat and swallow all of his cum!!! Tasty???
You will denied from your colleagues what you are and what you did!!! But you can denied the fact..that this experience was the most exited sexual lesson in your life!!!

Category: MAKE ME BI

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I know you are the pantyhose, nylon fetishist! You love to feel them, play with them, masturbate with pantyhose. And you fantasy about nylon encasement you keep only and only for your self! Well…until you met me!!! With me you got more confident…more open for kink and more open to talk about your pantyhose fantasies!!!
Until now you were wonder…how would that feel…two hotties…color pantyhose…ready to make you feel the nylon all over your body and much, much more!!!
That’s how you describe your deepest pantyhose encasement fetish!!!
Make you naked and comfortable for your nylon worship! starting with hand tease, all in pantyhose! Four hands teasing and jerking your cock!!! Touching and playing whit your balls! Make you feel the nylon all over your stiff dick!!!
When you are already so fucking turns on…two pantyhose encasement goddesses switching between hand jobbing your cock and sitting and make you licking their wet pussies in pantyhose!!! WOW…you couldn’t imagine nothing hotter…EVER!!!
But there is more…pantyhose tits fuck…nylon butt cheeks fucking…everything so fucking intense for you…having trouble to control your self…keep it together…for a little bit longer baby!!! The TOP OF PANTYHOSE ENCASEMENT is about to come!!!
You are going to fuck theirs…yours pantyhose the way you’ve been always dreaming of!!! Feel them both on your rock hard cock!!! Feeling the big butt cheeks…feeling the wet,warm pussy and all of it in pantyhose!!! Fuck…rub your cock between both pantyhose!!! And now…now baby…cum all over the pantyhose!!! One goddess hold your stiff cock and jerks you until you shoot your warm cum…yes, yes…so much sperm for the perfect end of the hottest pantyhose engagement threesome!!!


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So darling…that’s how you were imagine the New year’s eve? girlfriend and you……only three of us! I see where you going…after some champagne…we getting pretty kinky here! Don’t you want to join us?…Come here honey….we still have some time for New year kiss….so why don’t we play a bit with you?!!! Yes, just lay down…and let us take care of you…very special …good care of you! Massage your cock with our satin gloves! You like the satin…do you! How that feels honey….yeah….make your cock wet ! Mmmm , taste amazing….I think we just stay here for a while….blowing your beautiful cock, playing with the tongues all over it…make you crazy with our lips…licking and sucking your balls! No…no…no….this is not over for you….not yet! Keep your self horny…but we will not let you um yet! First taking off our gloves and massage your cock with the oil….make it nice and slid for our hands! We have so much pleasure to give you darling! Teasing your cock head with only the fingers…yeah….is so rock hard your dick! So sensitive….massage all your cock ….your balls… just having the best hand job….by four hands….yes honey…you getting ready to explode? Right….we are close to midnight…..and I want you cum in my glass! Yes….I want you for my New Year’s toast of course….I will sharing your cum with my girlfriend, swapping and kissing for you! Happy new year!!!

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Jenny and Kathia are good friends and a very good blowjob-team… Teamwork is always great, if they want to share a dick… synchronous moves like steady kisses on your pink cockhead… or slow and soft tongue-play on your shaft… from the bottom to the tip of the cock… enjoy lips, tongues and mouths of two hotties… (no cumshot in part A)

Kathia controls the cock, while Jenny is sucking on the tip… Kathia places her tongue on your meat to feel your veins… tenderly she caresses the shaft with her tongue and lips… french kissing in another way… meanwhile Jenny was working on your cockhead without stopping… and they will continue for sure… until you will shoot your load into her mouth… Jenny will take all your proteins…

Category: BLOW JOBS

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You always thinking of the Halloween with so much nostalgia! You remember how much fun it was, when you were little and how exited you’ve been to collecting all the candies. That was a sweet time for you! And now..when you grown – up, you think, all that Halloween fun and excitement is over for you!!!
Honey…you are so, so, so wrong! Even the adults can have fun during the Halloween. Maybe you are not going to collect all the candies…but you will get something even better! Something only big boy like you can get!!!
I have a surprise for you! Close your eyes….and…ready??? Now!!!
How do your like my costume??? Yes…the evil woman…only here for you!!! No…I’m not going to take you to the hell…cute!!! No, I want to make you happy this Halloween!!! I want to make you feel special and enjoying the new kind of Halloween with me!!! Believe me after today…this special Halloween will be the one you will think of for very…very…very long time!!!
I will make you crazy with my naughty, evil hands!!! Please you the way you never felt before!!! You will never want me to stop! And When I’ll feel…you are on the top…the top of your pleasure…I’ll stop to control your orgasm! You will love it…it will make your stiff cock more and more sensitive! And playing with you as long as I want. This Halloween….I’ll collecting my candy!!! Sweet, white milk of yours for the evil hand job!!!


Category: HANDJOBS

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This was the greatest summer of your life!!! You just took Kathia to holiday with you!!! She was the hottest experience you ever had!!!

And she just know how to tease you…how to make you real hard with out even touching you!!! Crazy!!! this woman driving you crazy with her body…with her face! Oh gosh that face!!!

One day, you just stay at the villa and she puts on her white, sexy bikini! You wanted to just watching her…nothing more…but..hell!!! This is the body of goddess! And how you were watching have getting wet, play in the pool and watching you so erotically…you get so stiff!!!

You were thinking maybe she does not see it from that far!!! but wrong!!! She is fantastic!!! Kathia never missed on your erection!!! She teases you even more! And then she come out of the pool…getting to you…kneeling front of you and…of course!!! Giving you the greatest blow job, you could only dream of until this moment!!!

She knows, how to pleased you! Play with her long tongue! Licking all over your cock so HOT!!! the softly sucking in your cock head and getting deeper and deeper until she doesn’t have all your cock in the mouth!!! This kind of pleasure you never felt before!!! And even if you wish this moment never ends….your stiff friend thinks differently!!! Kathia feels how you pump…how you can’t not longer take her lips…her mouth…her sensual blowjob!!! And she loves to milk you out!!! And taste you!!! She is the best!!! Enjoy this moment darling!!!

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