Nito is at the hospital, donating. Nurse Katie asks him if he wants to volunteer as a sperm donor as well, as they’re short on donors. Nito declines, but nurse Katie has a plan B. She offers him a cup of coffee, and soon he starts feeling sleepy. Nurse Katie says he’s probably dizzy from donating, and suggests he takes a bit of a rest in one of the rooms. As soon as he’s out, nurse Katie sees her chance, and sneaks into the room, carefully taking off his clothes. She proceeds to give him a handjob, while making sure he doesn’t wake up. As he finally awakens, it’s too late as nurse Katie is about to put him over the finish line, letting him shoot his cum and collecting it afterwards. Nurse Katie really is dedicated!

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Katie’s stepbrother is visiting for spring break and found Katie’s porn videos online. Curious, he starts watching it and finds himself naked on the the bed, stroking his cock. Katie walks in and sees him. Shocked & turned on, she doesn’t mind stripping out of her tight dress and instructing him to jerk off to her in the flesh. She then starts helping him get off until she begs him to cum for her. She, being the cum lover she is, places her soft latin lips on the tip and eats up every last bit of his sweet cum. I’m sure Katies stepbrother will be visiting again next year for spring break.

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