Your stepmom walks into the living room & laughs at how you’re sitting around in your underwear. But it turns out it’s convenient for her because she has a surprise for you. She wants to reward you for your good grades & knows you’ve been staring at her feet. She wants to try giving you a footjob as a reward. She puts oil on her feet, wraps them around your cock and glides them up and down. She wraps her toes around you & uses her oiled-up, sexy feet to jerk you off. It feels so good that you shoot your load really far and still manage to cover her feet in cum.

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Good morning sleepyhead. I hope you had a good night’s sleep. I know today is going to be a little intimidating for you, as it’s your first day at the Home for Wayward Boys, but I’m here to help you through it. First off, before I send you down to breakfast, we need to take care of that morning wood. Oh don’t be embarrassed. I’ve had hundreds of boys come through these doors, and they all get morning wood. But I’ve found that it really distracts them from their Bible studies, and I can’t have that. Sure, it’s strange that part of my job is to jerk off all the boys in the morning, but if I have to give a few hundred handjobs for Christ, well then so be it. Now let’s get that nut out so you can concentrate on your studies & have a nice, productive day here with all the other boys.

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