My best friend insists on dating all of my girl friends, he is such a slut! I keep this little slut in a chastity for two weeks before he begs to go on a date tonight and be let out. After hearing him plea I make him strip out of his clothes and lay on the floor below me. I start to tease his cock with my feet and he goes nuts! I mean, who can resist my perfect princess feet? Certainly not my best friend! His cock swells in the chastity, causing him pain and he begs to be released. With the most amount of mercy I can muster, I release his cock and I must have him cum with my feet! I stroke his cock and make sure he loves every second as I bring him to orgasm with my soles. Of course, he’s gonna be put right back

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I love your cock and I’ve snuck into your dreams to get to it! You see my pretty petite self on my knee’s waiting for you on a furry rug. My mouth is watering, waiting for the signal to suck on your beautiful member. I moan as I swirl my tongue up and around your perfect dick. I get plenty of spit and bubbles on me as I work hard to please you. A fun and dreamy blowjob is never complete without swallowing your load

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4’11” Lola Fae is an extremely hot 22 year old girl who has the softest little size 6 feet! And if you’re a foot lover, there is NO better place for feet like hers to be than on your face! When that happens, your cock springs to attention, which is what happened to Ricky in this scene. Lola teases him with her beautiful petite feet and starts to play with his cock and balls. She lubes up her hand and starts to stroke his cock while she rubs her feet all over his face. The feeling of her silky soft soles resting on his face as her soft hands sensuously works his cock is the ultimate for a foot fetishist and handjob lover. Lola REALLY knows what she’s doing too and she is genuinely into pleasing her guy. She exudes sexiness and her gorgeous smile lights up the room. She then strokes his cock with one hand while using her fingernails of her other hand to lightly tickle his balls until he can’t hold back anymore and shoots all over her dainty hands. Feet on face, sensual handjob AND ball tickling! That’s pleasure overload!

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