After a good few drinks out, he has a case of whiskey dick. I smack his dick and realise that he can’t get an erection SO I accepted the challenge and began massaging that cock from the base up. His facial reactions indicate he’s in pain as I shake that pathetic cock vigorously and violently to wake it up. I am a Goddess so of course I succeeded in getting my man of steel back. And with that steel came a thick creamy sticky and gooey load. It was like playing with putty between my fingers.
I will get any man erect if I ilke…want me to prove it to you!

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After doing some moving, my legs are aching and swollen, I’m broken and I look at my worst. But something just does not feel right if I don’t end my day with cum on my feet. I think it may have been the smell of my feet that got him in the mood or it may be that moment I tapped his dick with my toes Lol because he ripped his clothes was off in seconds! Well I guess we both get what we want then 😉 I never meant to release this, it was just for our private moments but what the hell, I have rough days too and you should see that as well 😛 That end moment when his dick slips out of my grip during cumming XD

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