In this t**** role play video, Mom wants to give her tired, nerdy stepson a massage to help him unwind and relax. She tells him about a special massage that uses B*** oil which requires her to massage every part of his body. Once she covers him in oil, she proceeds to stroke his cock, hard and faster, until he cums, spraying a huge, 4 day load all over himself.

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Alexis and Cherie have been neighbors for a long time, but ever since Alexis’ husband left her, their relationship has grown into a strong friendship. Alexis is worried about how she will manage the mortgage, Tyler’s college, and the piles of bills. Cherie mentioned that she will ask the owner at Tokyo Spa if they could use a new girl. Alexis was so grateful for the opportunity. She knows that Cherie’s work must pay exceptionally well for Cherie to only work the weekends and live so comfortably. Cherie pulled on her coat, “I’m running late, but I’ll come over tomorrow afternoon to teach you the basics. I’m sure they’re going to want you, you’re a gorgeous woman.”
The following day..
Tyler is watching the game when Cherie comes in. He knows Cherie well, he’s a great client of hers. When he visits her they share passionate moments, she gets into his head and knows exactly what to say to push all of his buttons, and the way she does her “special trick,” makes him weak; but outside of the Tokyo Spa, she is just Cherie, and he is just the neighbor boy. “Hi Tyler,” Cherie says cheerfully.
Tyler ignores her as his favorite team scores a first down, “YES!”
Alexis rolls her eyes and call out to Tyler, “Rude, Ty.” She turns her attention to her friend, “Sorry, you know how the boy gets when his sportsball game is on.”
Cherie nods, “ooh perfect your fireplace is on, let’s set up there. It’ll be warm”
“Woah.. what are you doing? You’re blocking the game!”
Cherie notices their mistake and apologizes, “Oh sorry Ty. we can set up in the other room.”
Alexis rolls her eyes sweetly, “Come on baby, can’t you watch your sports game in your bedroom? Please?”
Tyler turns the game off annoyed. He walks up the stairs and it dawns on him how unusual it is that Cherie is setting up a massage table in his home, in front of his step-mother. Does Alexis know what Cherie does for a living. He listens carefully as he walks.
Cherie grabs massage oil out of her purse and instructs, “Ok Alexis. You’re going to want to get in your uniform. If you don’t have anything pretty, you can borrow something of mine.”
Alexis looks down at her dress she handpicked from her closet. It was the sexiest dress she owns and she hasn’t worn it since college. She feels insecure and she sweetly asks, “What do you think the customer will want me to wear?”
“Anything skimpy, it will come off soon anyway.”
Tyler stops in his tracks. What did he hear Cherie say to his sweet mother? He turns around searching for the words, any words, just say something!
“What are you ladies… talking about?”

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Welcome to the Jerkygirls Of America massage parlor. You came to the right place if you’re looking for a kinky massage. Apparently it’s become quite the thrill for me while I’m pregnant. I love how a hard cock like yours feels in my hands, especially when it swells like my belly. I can tell you’re enjoying the massage, you’re cock is throbbing like crazy. Oh my look at that you sure came alot. Come back soon if you like them pregnant and jerky, I don’t have much longer!!

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Esmi is giving Alexa a massage and can’t resist her feet. One thing leads to another and the girls have hot sensual foot sex, but they get caught and use their feet to get out of trouble

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Before the Christmas is everything crazy around you! You deserve some YOUR TIME!!! Yes, only for your self…to come down from all this running, looking for the family gifts and all this Christmas stress!!! ….Yeah, you know what to do…where to go…only one phone call and make the reservation…HAPPY LAND FOR MAN!!! The place where you’re always welcome…where you are the best…where the beautiful girls always taking good care of you and your cock! After their cock massage, incredible hot hand job…’ll feel like born new!!! …….And look at her……she looks just like an Angel!!! How she look at you….those blue eyes…you can feel it! With that look she says everything….,, your cock is so beautiful!!! I want to feel it so much…tease your cock and massage him until you explode your warm cum!!!” You completely lost in her beauty and what she does with her hands….really heaven!!! That’s your Christmas present!!! Hand job by angel!

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