Ella and I had a little mix up with our underwear laundry so the obvious solution is to call in her little brother, Sam, to separate the clean and dirty panties by making him sniff every single pair. He gets all shy and cute when we shove our undies in his face and ask if he can smell pussy or not. Ella and I have so much fun teasing him that we decide the most accurate sniff test would be if we stripped down and tried on each pair so he can smell the panties while we are wearing them. Poor boy probably thought it couldn’t get any more embarrassing than his mom shoving his face into his sisters pantied ass but then I take all the clothes he is wearing to throw in the dirty laundry too.
We both burst out laughing as he tries to cover his throbbing little hard-on when it pops into view but we just knock his hands away so we can play with his cock a bit ourselves. I know it can be quite humiliating for a young man to be naked and erect in front of his mom and sister so I “let” Sammy put on a pair of Ella’s dirty panties before we continue the fun. By the time we finish up Sammy has become very familiar with the smell of his sister’s pussy and the sight of her butt from very close up. All the undies still have to go back in wash though because poor little Sammy ends up getting every single pair of panties quite sticky before we are done with him.


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Butler Boris had his way with Mlle Fanchette’s white sling back court shoes while she was away and video taped his endeavor as requested by his Mistress (Preuve de devouement II partie 1). It is now time to evaluate him. Mlle turns the tv on and starts to enjoy the spectacle while slowly caressing herself. The butler approaches her with a raging hard-on and waits patiently. Mlle slips her hand inside her white panty and rubs her pussy while stroking her butler’s cock. From time to time she focuses only on herself leaving his cock pulsating in the air. When the video finishes Mlle is really aroused and continues to rub both her pussy and Boris’ hard cock. Just when she reached her climax she abandons her butler and ruins his orgasm. The butler’s cock releases jets of warm cum in the air while Mlle Fanchette cums. But that is not enough for him as he continues to stroke his cock offering his Mistress a second ejaculation all over her legs!

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“Clip opens up with man fully clothed and restrained in the upright position. His fly should be down and his dick should be out. Hopefully erect already. His face should be concealed. I was thinking with a pair of panties. You walk in dressed as a sexy teacher. You have in your hand 3 pairs of cotton panties that you found in his possession. You inform him you have caught him stealing your panties and now it’s time to punish him. You start off by hanging two of the pairs off his cock and using the third to smack/whip the tip of his cock (not too hard, more playful than anything), you then take the fabric and start to tease the head/rim of his cock with it by lightly gliding the fabric back and forth across the tip/rim of his cock. Asking him if he likes that? Do this for a little bit and then stop. Take the pair, whip the tip of his dick again, telling him it’s not time to cum yet. Take the same pair and then cover the head of his cock with the fabric and start to stroke just the head/rim with the fabric with your fingers, really passionately and thoroughly as if you are trying to make him cum. Pay attention to every inch of the head/tip/rim. Then stop.
Step back and ask him how much he likes panties? Take the pair you have been using and put them aside. Say “it’s a shame your eyes are covered because you’d love the panties I’m wearing right now”. Hike up your skirt, and show your panties. Start to rub your panties ass against his cock that still has the 2 other panties on it.
Pull your skirt back down and remove a pair of panties dangling from his cock, leaving one. Wrap this one fully around his head and shaft and give him a formal handjob using the fabric of this pair. Start of slow, then speed up and go faster. Get him close to cumming but stop again. Whip the tip of his cock with the panties again. After which you tickle his cock by gently gliding the panties across the tip of his cock back and forth. Do this several times for at least a minute or 2.
Finally you put aside that pair and tell him there’s no way he’s cumming in those, you like that pair too much. The final pair is your least favorite and he’s cumming in those whether he likes it or not. You then take the final pair, drape it over his cock, so the whole thing is covered head to shaft (like a cartoon ghost) and just start jerking it through the panties hard and fast, using whatever maneuvers you want to use with your hands to rush him into finally cumming through the panties fabric. You then let go, leave the cum soaked panties draped over his cock. Tell him you hope he’s learned his lesson, take the other 2 pairs of cotton panties and walk off frame.”

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Finally my darling something ONLY and only for you! We both are crazy for the cotton panty. Big cotton panty on my perfect big butt. But there is something more, your deep fetish for the cotton panty. You love to feel them all over your cock. Of course right after when I’m wearing them.
Well baby today…now…I do have extra panty just for you. The one you were love so much in my ,, PANTY PARADE ,,.
YES!!! My white, big, cotton CK panty. But first then I let you feel them on your cock, I want to tease you and pushing them to you. Make you so exited…make you so fucking hard for me and our cotton panty handjob.
Ready babe…silly question…I see you are pointing right on my cotton panty . Good…first I tease your cock with the panty and then…sure, cover it all by my panty. And start to stroking your cock with my big CK panty. Wow…I see you really are it to this…your precum is all over my panty…I can see your juice…and …yeah love it!!!
I’ll make you cum so hard darling with my worn panty!!! Take this pleasure a bit longer…I love to make you crazy like that! Oh…yeah…now baby…cum…cum inside my panty. Make them messy with your seed!!! Lovely!!! I just adore giving you this special panty HAND JOB!!!

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A compilation of all of the sexy assjobs that Mlle Fanchette has given to her lucky butler so far…Enjoy the best moments from the following clips:
Contre les fesses, Un morceau en forme de poire, Sa culotte noire, Belles fesses, Bouger le cul, Sa culotte blanche, Dans le canyon, Taquiner le majordome, Cours de yoga, Fesses irresistibles, Maillot de bain, Le fesse-job, Rouge et noir II, Sa culotte verte, A l arriere

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Son was sit and jerk for mom panties, mother come in room and see what do son! She see this panties what 3 days cant founde.. son be come hard but still cant come out becouse 3 days jerk for this panties and need some new! Ok mom is know how to make son happy again and show him her satin black panties! Oooh is make come hard for her son!

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You just loved so,so much my new cotton panty with orange stars. You were watching and enjoying my sexy panty tease and you were cumming so many time just to fantasies to feel them!

You know honey…I always want to make your dream come true! And that’s why…I’m wearing them again! And the same bra….just to have perfect look for you…I’m all your star now! And I can’t wait to make you cum in my big, cotton panties baby!!!

First..sexy tease with your favorite panties. Look how perfectly fit on my big butt!!! Yeah baby…feel it! Grab my butt fully covered in cotton panty!!! You love it..do you???

I see you stiff cock!!! Loose the panty and underwear! I want you to lie down…relaxing and enjoying the pleasure of my pretty cotton panties!!!

Just cover all your big cock with my pantie…lucky me I have so big butt and need big cotton panties! Like this I can completely cover all your hard cock!!! And softly stroking your cock…up and down, up and down! And pushing little harder to make you feel them! The cotton, the stars. my hand…all is only yours now!!! Playing with your cock head..teasing the most sensitive part with my cotton panties!

And when I felt…your cock start to pump…getting harder and harder…I just cover your cock again with my panty and stroke you…more and more until you cum! Cum honey…make my panty…my cotton panty messy with your warm sperm again!!!

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