Where did you dig up my old PowerGlove? I used to beat all the boys on this thing and then make them eat, well never mind. I would love to play but don’t be surprised when I blow you away. If you really want to make a bet on the game then there is one dirty thing we used to play for back in the day. Loser has to eat cum.
You better be sure you want to risk it because if you lose, I might help you make it but I am definitely making you swallow it.

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Your sister and I are so sorry that your big date turned out to be a prank, sweetie. I guess you will just have to stay in with us tonight and we will do our best to make you feel better. Looks like you were expecting to get laid tonight because we can definitely see the little tent in your pants still. Or is that from Mom and sister wearing lingerie around you?
It might be for the best that the mean girl did not go out with you since I can’t imagine she would be very kind to boy with such a small package. We can’t even ask one of Ella’s friends to take you on a pity date with a dick like that. Think how embarrassing that would be for your sister if everyone at school knew her brother has a tiny penis. I think the best your little cock can hope for is some playtime with Mom and sister because we feel sorry for you.


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Hello there, sweetheart, and please say hello to my special guest as well. I know he used to pick on you a lot but he has really grown up into quite the handsome young man. It was his idea to do a video chat so you could learn about our new relationship. We both want you to see your mom unzipping your bully’s pants to play with his nice, stiff cock. How does it feel to watch the guy who used to give you wedgies sliding his dick between my big tits?
You can tell us both how it makes you feel when the three of us have dinner together next weekend. Try not to get offended when he makes some “your mom” jokes about all the things he has been doing to my holes. In the mean time, just relax and enjoy watching your Mom give your worst enemy the blowjob of his life.

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I make sure to greet my son with a plate of warm cookies and a cold glass of milk everyday after school but I know a tasty snack is not all a growing young man needs to help him get stronger. That is why I also make sure he has a very powerful orgasm everyday and he likes sloppy blowjobs from mom the best, especially when I wear a dress cut low enough to give him an eyeful of my full breasts. Before he can enjoy his milk and cookies he has to let me unzip his pants so I can have my way with his hard cock. My special man understands that mom knows best and mom definitely blows best.


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Ella and I had a little mix up with our underwear laundry so the obvious solution is to call in her little brother, Sam, to separate the clean and dirty panties by making him sniff every single pair. He gets all shy and cute when we shove our undies in his face and ask if he can smell pussy or not. Ella and I have so much fun teasing him that we decide the most accurate sniff test would be if we stripped down and tried on each pair so he can smell the panties while we are wearing them. Poor boy probably thought it couldn’t get any more embarrassing than his mom shoving his face into his sisters pantied ass but then I take all the clothes he is wearing to throw in the dirty laundry too.
We both burst out laughing as he tries to cover his throbbing little hard-on when it pops into view but we just knock his hands away so we can play with his cock a bit ourselves. I know it can be quite humiliating for a young man to be naked and erect in front of his mom and sister so I “let” Sammy put on a pair of Ella’s dirty panties before we continue the fun. By the time we finish up Sammy has become very familiar with the smell of his sister’s pussy and the sight of her butt from very close up. All the undies still have to go back in wash though because poor little Sammy ends up getting every single pair of panties quite sticky before we are done with him.


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