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Nina Hartley returns to Jerky Girls!!! This time…before Whacking-Off a victim…onto Her World-Famous Glasses….Nina give you boys 2 special treats!!! First She shows you…with graphic close-ups & detail…how She likes Her Pussy to be worshipped!!! Then She does some experienced, skillful Cock Sucking, before taking control of the victim’s cock….and draining it….all over Her Face & Glasses!!! The Legend….with a Very Special Jerk…just for you boys!!!

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Scene One: Hospitals basement
In the morgue the doctor on staff comes in to start his autopsy of Melanie’s body. But the moment he lays his hand on her he feels that she’s still warm! Melanie wakes up and begins to talk to the stunned doctor. He runs some test on her naked body, running his hands along her and making her stand for inspection.
I just want to go home She tells him. The doctor doesnt want this opportunity of a helpless naked girl to go to waste, so he tells her to give him a hand job. Melanie refuses as he feels up her breasts. He convinces her by telling her she has no choice. With no clothes and no idea where she is Melanie is flipped over and commanded to jerk him. No stop, this is disgusting. I don’t want to do this She tells him as she begins to stroke him. I just want to go home She repeats.

Scene Two: Finding a way home
The Doctor touches her ass as she jerks him off and she screams at him. Melanie jerks him angrily hoping to just get this over with. I don’t want to do this anymore She says stopping and sitting up.
You’re not done He tells her making her jerk him faster. Soon his cock is shooting cum every where. You’re just a gross pervert she says as he smiles. Does this mean I get to go home now? She asks, cum dripping down her hand.


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Scene One: Mom I can’t sleep
Melanie’s son wakes her in the middle of the night in pain. What’s wrong She asks. He tells her that his hands and embarrassingly his balls are in agony. If she could just help him cum it would feel so much better. No I can’t do that, go to bed Melanie says angrily and turns out the lights. He’s back not 10 minutes later pleading with her for help.
With a deep sigh Melanie pulls down his shorts and lays him on the bed. It’s not like she’s doing this for fun, he just needs help, she tells herself. She strokes him so he can cum and she can go back to bed. A long slow handjob and he shoots his load all over his mom’s hands. Feel better now? She asks and rolls under the covers to forget about what just happened.

Scene Two: Mom gives me a shower
Come on, you have to take a shower. You haven’t taken one in like a week Melanie tells her injured son. He can’t do anything by himself with his two broken hands. She strips him and washes him in the shower annoyed at how helpless he is. Does it hurt? she asks him washing his penis. He gets hard from his mom’s hands and doesn’t know what to do about it. Can I get another release? He asks.
With a reluctant sigh Melanie lays her son on the floor and strokes him. She strokes him faster and faster getting him to cum in her hands. Feel better now that you’re released? She asks. Thanks mom.

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Cory is naked with hard cock in her hands. Moaning softly Cory strokes nice and slow, edging and seductively bringing out your orgasm. She whispers to you softly about how she’s teasing you. You just can’t stand it anymore and your body releases and hot cum shooting into the air. As you cum she stops stroking you and ruins your orgasm. There’s nothing that turns her on more than total control.

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I met two amazing little cocksuckers the other day. Kenzie and Evelin teamed up to give me one amazing blowjob! They worked my cock nice and slow with their perfect little mouths. Finally I unloaded a huge wad of cum as they continue to lick and suck on my throbbing cock. Fantastic!

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