Well… You Married a Super Villainess and now it’s coming back to bite you in the ass. To your credit, you didn’t realize who and what she was when you married her. When you met her, you just thought she was a Super-Hot Bombshell with an Irresistible Face & some of the Biggest Best Tits you had ever seen! What guy wouldn’t fall for her? You never suspected she might actually be running an evil scheme on you.
Then one Morning you wake up to find you cannot move and she is decked out in her Super Villainess gear. She informs you that the real reason she decided to marry you was your wallet. She says she slipped you a druggg that when she makes you Cum… you will Diiie. Then she starts toying with you…Edging you with her hands, Tits, and Mouth. She is evil and completely enjoys Playing Edging Games with you, knowing you can’t do anything about it. After a long while she decides to end the charade… and you.

Category: TITJOBS

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