Taking Advantage of My Son's Trust HD - Cum for Mommy

Taking Advantage of My Son’s Trust HD – Cum for Mommy

Mm, the best thing about little boys this age is they believe anything their mommy tells them. No matter how perverted.
My little guy has been having trouble going to sleep. I lied and told him his pediatrician wanted me to do certain…things to him to help him go nighty night.
I guess it’s fucked up for a mom to stroke her little boy’s cock. Even more so to greedily lick and tongue his cute little puckered asshole. I don’t care. I made him, I can do what I want to him.
Besides, he doesn’t know any better. Plus he enjoyed giving mommy the load of cum she was craving. Of course I told him it’s a secret. And that we’ll be doing this every night from now on.
Dr’s orders of course. 😉

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Taking Advantage of My Son's Trust HD - Cum for Mommy

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