The Tempting Mistress Tempted - Joey's FeetGirls

The Tempting Mistress Tempted – Joey’s FeetGirls

I answer the door for her and she’s towering over me at some 9 foot 15 inches or something. I didn’t expect her to be so tall at all. Lmao. No seriously, she’s slim and easily about 5’10. Her feet are long and slim but honestly a bit small for her size at 8.5. I run the interview and didn’t think to ask her til after, but I’m gonna guess and say she’s a dancer because she has a few tell tale bruises on her legs that only comes from wrapping them around a pole.
I lay down with her between my legs and have her go to work on me. I’m particularly excited about how she gives her handjob/footjob combo… every now and then she’ll reach in and stroke my dick with her hand which drives me nuts. And let me tell you, she definitely knows how to grip with her toes. You know, I used to have a favorite position but this past year I have a new love for girls who grip the shaft and stroke with just their toes. Watch as she grips just my cockhead and rubs them up and down quickly like she’s trying to start a fire with my dick.
In the end I have her lay on her side and use her soles and hands to make me finish strong. My juice squirts out and lands all over her foot and my torso.

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The Tempting Mistress Tempted - Joey's FeetGirls

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