Tied & Teased (PART A, B) - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

Tied & Teased (PART A, B) – 1080P | MP4 – Lexiana Teases

Part A
I invited him over for a long edging session. I wanted to tied up his cock and balls and see how he would handle that.
I trace my fingers fingers through the fabric of his boxers, feeling his cock growing inside them. Once it cant move or grow harder I let it out and continue to massage is really light and slow. Once its all hard and ready I pull out a little white rope and tie up his cock and balls. He got no where to go, and he knows that I am in complete control of his pleasure.
I find my new favorite toy, and oil it up before I slowly push it down over his sensitive cockhead.
After a few minutes we are already at the first edge! I give his cock a quick break to recover while I massage his tied up balls.
I keep taking him close to the edge.. I want to ruin his orgasm and just see that cum ooze out in pure frustration.

Part B
At this point he can’t handle much more of my intense play.
I am no where ready to let him cum yet, so I help him cool down by rubbing my palm over his sensitive cockhead if he gets too close.
I continue to take him closer and closer to the edge, and finally he starts oozing for me. A perfectly ruined orgasm.
After playing with his cum I use it as lube and stroke it back into his cock.
After his ruined orgasm I knew that I had to be very careful.. I keep him right on the edge with my perfectly timed strokes.
Watch as he completely loses all control, and has no choice but to cum all over for me.

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Tied & Teased (PART A, B) - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

Tied & Teased (PART A, B) - 1080P | MP4 - Lexiana Teases

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